Our one-way Slack integration gives you the ability to post your meeting to Slack.

Key meeting information includes:
• The agenda
• Who is part of the meeting
• A link to a web view of the meeting where participants can view and download meeting information and content (see web view for participants)

How to install the Slack integration

Step 1: 

Select Slack on the integrations tab under Preferences and click "Set up". 

Step 2:

Clicking the "Set up" button will open a browser window from where you authorize Pinstriped to post to a channel of your choice.
Select the Slack channel you want to post your meetings to (at Pinstriped we have created a designated channel called #meetings).
Click "Authorize".

You're now all done and ready to post meetings to Slack.

How to post meetings to Slack from Pinstriped

Once you have set up the integration with Slack, the option of posing the meetings to Slack will appear in the Share section. So when you're sharing meetings with participants you can select to have it posted to Slack simultaneously. 

This is how the meeting will appear in your channel.

You're all set. Enjoy your meetings.

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